House of Dragmoon (Targaryen) | Fairlaunch at 7pm UTC

Hello to all fellow Targaryens!

This is a huge TV- Show Inspired token, part of an event called “Battle of The Houses”, with great tokenomics and anti-dump/whale mechanism to help you enjoy a pleasant ride along the Westeros BSC.

Coming from Community_Coins, these coins have always been the best to ape into. Ever since the beginning, we’ve always been working on increasing usability with a renounced ownership while also making it as fun as possible for the holders and the community.

This time we have decided to invite you all to be part of the battle of the houses! I, as the leader of the Targaryens, invite you to the House of Dragmoon. We both know the most epic way to the moon is by flying on the back of a badass dragon. And if not us, who else would you join? Our “competition” if you may call it that, is a bunch of snowflakes from a land that never saw the sun and some posh kids that have a lot of gold. Spoiler alert: Both melt incredebly fast.

These guys really think they can stand a chance against our mighty beasts. They really think our fire won’t boil their blood? That they could even face us? Let’s give these weaklings a taste of power!



10,000,000,000 supply
50% liquidity burned on provision
50% liquidity burned on provision
100,000,000 max tx
200,000,000 max hold



10,000,000,000 initial supply with 50% burned. No presale to give the community the best chances to be top holders


To prevent a big pump followed by a huge dump, our dev coded anti-dump mechanisms that apply only in the first hours following starts. %Burn starts at 32% and gradually decreases to 8% 2 hours after launch. Holders are rewarded with reflection at each sell.


Max hold is set to 2,5% to avoid big whales to get a big size of the cake and therefore be able to manipulate the chart. Everyone can have a seat the King's council.

Fairlaunching today at 7PM UTC.

Join our house and let’s show these weaklings a taste of our fire! Make sure you join in on our giveaways, and always stay up to date with all our announcements. Fairlaunch details and more coming soon on:

Giveaways are already up!
Fun, helpful and creative community.
Rewarding milestone based games based on “races” between the houses.


Join our forces now!

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